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                                                             Echo's Redemption 4 Life


    I Echo Gold do not take any credit for my journey to seek Redemption , To God be the glory.
    God is the Supreme Being and Creator of all in this World.  I glorify God and acknowledge the
    Greatness and splendor of his Majesty through honor, worship, and praise of which he is worthy.
    My act of atonement is for the purpose of asking God to use me as a instrument his Peace .

   God has given me the idea to develop this Blog to help people educate , communicate and inspire 
   Each other and to make positive choices in everyday life. In a world of Racial inequailty, Social injustice ,
   And Gender  Discrimination , It is my goal to use this forum to develop a system of change by doing
   God's will of letting him direct my path to do his work.  I will post a daily blog from ideas that God gives
   Me to use to promote positive unity 4 all to share with one another.


  Let the Blogs Begin.

  Echo Gold